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Jurien Bay

Sea Lion Charters


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Come aboard Mojo and have a magical aquatic experience. Sea Lion Charters is a small family business that conducts sea lion interaction tours from Jurien Bay Marina on the Indian Ocean coastline of Western Australia. With this Marine Adventure you cruise out to the Fishermans or Essex Islands where the second largest colony of Australian sea lion on the WA coast breed. Our season runs from September to May (subject to calm weather conditions)with the best time between November and April when the water temperature is at its highest (21 to 23 degrees). Interaction with the sea lions is guaranteed. Snorkelling gear and wet suits are provided.. Light refreshments are provided during the tour. Over the years of operating the business we are constantly looking for ways to improve in quality of service, value and minimizing our environmental impact. We are a member of the western Australian tourism commission which requires annual certifications to be obtained for compliance.We are insured for public liability and in water activities. Sea lion charters is a proud member of Sea Shepard. We also encourage the leave no trace 7 principles which lessens our environmental impact in such a wonderful and pristine marine park. Your deckhand also has plenty of years’ experience on the water and certified in senior first aid.

Sea lion charters has been operating in the Jurien bay marine park for 25 years making us the longest and still the best for the ultimate sea lion experience and interaction with these extremely rare and playful mammals. We are constantly told from our customers how this is experience is truly life changing as they had no idea of how curious and friendly the sea lions can be. Treat yourself, family or a team of friends to a truly unique experience on the west Australian coastline, being only a short 2.5hr drive north of Perth as a day trip or whilst making your way up or down our spectacular coastline to see many other sea creatures, such as the whale sharks in Exmouth, Manta Rays in coral bay or the Dolphins in Monkey Mia Call into Jurien bay for one of the must do eco wildlife tours on the turquoise coast of western Australia. With this Marine adventure you cruise out to the Fisherman's Islands off the coast of Green Head on a licensed passenger viewing vessel to interact with Australian Sea Lions which inhabit the island. Photographic opportunities are abundant and to see this unique breeding colony of Sea Lions in the wild is a chance of a lifetime. The Australian Sea Lion - Neophoca cinerea (P?ron, 1816). Along with fur-seals, sea-lions belong to the eared seal family, or Otariidae. They differ from true seals, or Phocidae, by having external ears, propelling themselves through the water with their front flippers and are more agile on land (as they are capable of "walking" on all four flippers). HABITAT Hauls out and breeds on smooth rocks and sandy beaches, mainly on offshore islands. GEOGRAPHICAL SPREAD The Australian islands between Houtman's Abrolhos (28?S, 112?E) to the Pages Islands (34?S, 138?E). CURRENT POPULATION 10,000 to 12,000 individuals. The population appears to be stable. There is little information on the size of herds prior to exploitation. SIZE Males 2.0 to 2.5m long. Females are considerably smaller at 1.3 to 1.8m long. WEIGHT Males 250 to 300kg. Females 70 to 110kg. NORMAL DIET Little is known. Cephalopods, crustaceans and fish probably form the major items of the diet. If you are not keen to get in the water, you can still go as an observer at the reduced rate of $75.00. Tour is totally weather dependent. You will be advised by Skipper if Tour is cancelled. 100% money back guarantee FAQ How many people on the trip? Depending on what time of year and weather tours depart with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 16 people. Will I see an Australian sea lion? Yes 100% guarantee we will see them, the islands we visit are breeding colonies which means they are always there. Is this trip suitable for children, elderly or mobility impaired? Absolutely. Children are most welcome and we will do all we can to accommodate your needs with wheelchair access onto our vessel through our through our side entry/exit door.

Map & Directions

Jurien Bay Boat Harbour, Harbour Drive, Jurien Bay WA 6516


From the Turquoise Coast Visitor Centre follow the Indian Ocean Drive up north for about 2.6 kms, then turn left onto Seaward Drive. Follow that for about 900 m, then turn right onto Harbour Drive. Behind the Boat Ramps you'll find public parking spaces and a toilet/hot shower block. Mojo will be parked up at the floating pontoon behind the information bay.

Cancellation Policy

Sea Lion Charters reserves the right to alter or cancel tours at any time. Safety is our utmost concern but your responsibility. A medium level of fitness is required. Any Tours cancelled by us due to unforeseen circumstances will either be rescheduled or fully refunded. A Cancellation Fee of 50% of the full price applies to all Sea Lion Tour cancellations received less than 48 hours before departure of the trip. No Refund in case of no show. Don't hesitate to contact us for more info.

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