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Jurien Bay is a great spot, especially when there's some fishing involved. It' boasts a state of the art marina with associated launching ramp, jetties and boat pens. plenty of big and fast craft with fantastic offshore capabilities can now be launched in town.. It's gone from being a sleepy little crayfishing community to a bustling tourist town and service centre for the surrounding district. The boat ramp may get a little crowded over the summer holidays and the Easter break.. While a local sea rescue group gives you peace of mind when out on the water. The fishing options available together with the town.s other atractions make Jurien Bay a very viable option for either a short, sharp weekend fishing trip with the boys, an extended family holiday with the kids, or maybe even an ideal location for a holiday home.

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An extensive limestone reef system parallel to the shore has created a huge shallow lagoon that provides perfect habitat for Australian sea lions, dolphins and a myriad of juvenile fish. Extensive seagrass meadows inside the reef shelter armies of marine animals such as western rock lobsters, octopus and cuttlefish that are the favourite food for young sea lions. The marine park surrounds dozens of magnificent and ecologically-important islands that contain rare and endangered animals found nowhere else in the world.

Water-based fun Jurien Bay Marine Park is popular for a wide range of recreational activities including scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, windsurfing, surfing and fishing.

Take the plunge Great dive and snorkel sites abound. Boullanger Island (1-6 metres deep), just one kilometre offshore from Island Point at the southern end of Jurien Bay, affords some great diving and sheltered anchorages. The island’s western side is a seagrass meadow and is a great spot for family groups to go snorkelling. Several bommies can be found just 20 metres from the Jurien Bay Town Beach in about eight metres of water. There is a snorkel trail for youngsters and the area makes a good night dive.

Throw in a line You are welcome to fish in most of the marine park  First check the latest bag limits, minimum sizes and licences Department of Fisheries  . There are restrictions on spearfishing, crabbing, rock lobster fishing and netting in some areas so make sure you ‘know your zones’. Major public boat launching facilities are available at Jurien Bay and Green Head. Small vessels can be launched at Cervantes

Fishing Options  For WA shore anglers the Jurien area represents one of those little gold nuggets dotted along our vast and impressive coastline. Far enough away from the maddening crowds, yet close enough to the big smoke for a quick overnighter. Also reachable for those anglers that spend much of their time growing crops in out wheatbelt, but crave the salt air for a bit of respite when farm responsibilities allow some time off. There have gong been two jetties in Jurien Bay but the southern platform is the one most visitors and locals alike used for fishing purposes. When it comes to species available, variety is the name of the game. The bottom around the jetty is sandy and home to Skippy, dart, whiting, flathead and flounder. A little berley will normally attract herring which are generally some of the largest you will find in WA waters. Tailor often make an appearance in the afternoon and evenings providing a sea breeze chops the surface. About 12 km south of Jurien Township is the mouth of the Hill River. The Hill River has its origins inland amongst the rolling hills of the Mt Lesueur National Park and the winds down towards the coast, eventually opening out into a small estuary which is normally closed to the ocean. Geographically the Hill River can be considered a smaller version of the much better known Moore River. To access the beaches around the Hill River mouth trace south on Indian Ocean Drive for about 12 km until you reach a turnoff on the right not long after you cross the river itself. Travel towards the coast through this sub-division until the road gives way to a gravel track and finally a network of sandy coastal tracks. Those without a 4WD could park here and walk north towards the river mouth or simply fish the beach here. 

Jurien Bay Underwater Interpretive Snorkel and Dive Trail (Sorry this Trail is now covered with sand)  About the Trail    The trail starts approximately 25 metres out from the Jurien Bay beach at the end of the old jetty piles. The depth of the trail varies from 2.5  to 6 metres. An artificial reef was created in the area by placing more than 70 reef balls close to the remains of an old wooden jetty.  The reef balls, made from a special marine friendly concrete, are designed to mimic natural reef systems creating habitats for fish and other marine life.  The site is a popular destination for residents and visitors to the area wanting to experience the amazing underwater landscape of Jurien Bay and is suitable for swimmers, snorkellers and divers of all ages.Handy Swim Cards (available from local shops) outline which species of fish and coral you are likely to see on the trail. A $5 donation for the use of these cards supports the ongoing maintenance of the trailMore confident snokellers and divers will find plenty more to see a little further off shore.The extensive reef system that runs parallel to shore is a diver’s delight. The reef includes caves, grottos and overhangs covered with colourful sponges, sea squirts, anemones and corals. Multitudes of fish and invertebrate species abound. Extensive seagrass meadows grow in the shallow lagoons inside the reef. Seagrass meadows are a vital nursery habitat for hundreds of marine animals, including western rock lobsters.Jurien Bay Marine Park and its immediate surrounds is the only major breeding area for Australian sea lions along the western coast of Australia. The Underwater Interperative trail was opened in the summer of 2013/14 after several years of planning, grant submissions and community engagement by the Jurien Bay Progress Association. The balls were constructed by members of the local men's shed making the trail a real community project.  Need to Know  Time Take as long as you like!  Distance 100 metre square snorkel trail area  Trail Start (Loop) Beach access via Dobbyn Park, north of town beach at old jetty site  Trail End Beach access via Dobbyn Park, north of town beach at old jetty site  Degree of Difficulty   Easy - Suits majority of fitness and experience levels. Ocean and weather conditions will affect access to this site.  What to Pack? Snorkelling and / or diving gear. Adequate swimming abilities or flotation assistance devices are recommended. Fees  The trail is free - however, to help fund maintenance of the reef a small charge applies to the interp. Swim Card. Hazards & Warnings  Stingers may be present occasionally. Assess water and weather conditions prior to entering trail. Do not touch marine life. Prohibited Items  Dogs on leads permitted unless in designated dog exercise areas

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