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Hello and welcome to Cervantes, Believe it or not, our township was only named in 1962 when 505 hectares were released from Nambung Reserve  

Cervantes is the name of our Islands and that came about in 1844 when Captain Sylvanus Gibson of the American whaling vessel anchored to do a spot of fishing. Before they knew it they were grounded. The Crew walked to Fremantle and the vessel was auctioned where she lays to this day, The Hull can still be seen on a clear day Depth 4 meters GPS (wgs 84) S 30 30.802' E115 o 03.004  They say he vessel was named after the novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. With this in mind you will notice the Don Quixote Wind Vein at entrance and our street names, the majority are of Spanish origin

We are a small coastal town that is spoilt rotten by Mother Nature, surround by beautiful marine and national parks.  We have an average population of 500 and our principal industry is Rock Lobster Fishing and Tourism.  The average Mean Temperature for July  is Max – 19.6.c,  Min - 9.4.c  Rainfall – 113.2 mm.         The sun rises over land and then kisses the ocean, over here in Western Australia and there are many vantage points in and around Cervantes.  First Light - 6.49 am, Sunrise - 7.15 am, Sunset  - 5.37 am till  Last Light - 6.03 pm. Full moon 4th August,,2020      New Moon - 21st July, 2020 stars a bright  

Looking for Accommodation?  We have the best selection of Accommodation bookable in Cervantes Book Locally with those that knows the area  

Why not let a Local take you on a Tour while here in our lovely area? Fishing Charters. Lobster Factory, Sea Lion Ocean Tours, Lobster Pot Pulling Tours, 4 WD Adventure Tours and more 

Eating Out in Cervantes, we have Cervantes Bar & Bistro, Cervantes Country Club, Europa Anchor Restaurant, Island Café, Sea Breeze Café &  Sea Shells Café and our very own  Mobile Betty Van Deluxe Coffee.         

Helpful Bits Library (Temporarily Closed) – Located inside Recreation Centre. Open Tuesday 10-4 pm, Thursday 4 - 6 pm. No Internet access. ATM Machine – Cervantes Liquor, Country Club, Liberty Service Station Shopping –  Service Station, Main Hub of Cervantes on Cadiz Street.   Light Industrial Area. Police – 9652 0600,    Medical Needs – 9688 7900,  Health Direct - 1800 022 222,  Fire – 96527 394 or for all Emergencies dial  000 – Mobile with No Service call 112.  Poisons Information 131 126, Shire Ranger –96520 800    National Park Office Ranger – 9688 6000.  Pinnacles Discovery Centre 96527 913. Radio Stations – tune into 99.5fm or 101.5 fm   TAB  Cervantes Country Club. Waste Transfer Station & Dump Open Mon – Sat  8.30 am – 12/Sun 1.30 – 5 pm Church Services  Anglican- 3rd Saturday 3.30 pm Fire Shed & Catholic-2nd Sunday 10.30 am  Every month on Weston Street 

Lets get Active !  Walking –  Check out our new Art Trail, info sheet available in store. Cervantes Foreshore on Aragon Street   Walk Trail approx. 4 km one way Thirsty Point to Hansen Bay Lookout approx. 2 km down Hansen Bay Road  Only 74 steps for a breath taking view of the coloured sands out at the Pinnacles, pristine white sand dunes, our Islands, coastline and Township. Take care whilst walking on beaches, Careless drivers are around. Europa Anchor on Aragon St. was retrieved off  the  Europa Ship which was wrecked off  the coast.  .    Public Parks – Tables & Chairs, Toilets. Cnr. Aragon & Catalonia Streets.  South end Corunna Street -(BBQ   also).   Weston Street.   Catalonia Park.   Tranquilo Park opposite Shops on Cadiz Street. THIRSTY  POINT – West end of Seville Street. It is said it was named when the Army protected our coastline and there was no drinking water to be found. Absolutely beautiful. Watch the waves criss cross, with the backdrop being beautiful blue clear water and the Cervantes Islands. Very popular for Wind/Kite surfers.  Shower to wash sand off.  From here you can go along the Walk Trail to Hansen Bay View Lookout.   What a spot to watch the sun kiss the ocean  Wildflowers  –  You can see wildflowers all year round – blooming amazing. Lesueur National Park (which is one of the most diversified areas of wildflowers in the world)  Nambung & Badgingarra NP.   Just a simple stroll around our area and you will be pleasantly surprised as to what Mother Nature gives us daily all year round. Fishing.. Boating - Launching Access. 8 knot speed limit for all boats within 200 m off  Beach. Jetty / Groin. Swimming – Cervantes is surrounded by Ocean, also Hangover Bay   Ocean Temp. approx. 20.c . Beach Combing   Sports –  Tennis, CCRC Hire. Skate Park and Ball Court.  Golf  Lawn Bowls. Home of  mighty Cervantes Tiger Sharks. Tiger Shark Park April to August  2019 CMCFL Winners of League, Reserves, Netball Champions. Pets – Dog Exercising Areas. 

 Exploring our Wonderful National Park . . .  DPAW ask that you leave your Pets at Light Industrial Area, Bradley Loop, Cervantes (unless you have Companion Card) before entering these areas  Lake Thetis – 1.3 km down Hansen Bay Road. This lake contains Stromatolites and Stromatolites that produce oxygen and are, one of  the earths’ oldest living life forms. There is a Walk trail approx. 1.5 km, with boardwalk and viewing areas. Our lake was named after the sailing ship Thetis (R. Hoesmith nominated.)which was surveying our coastline in 1845 by J.W. Egory. This is a delightful place to be out stargazing, and has excellent concrete pathways which are wide enough to set up telescopes. It’s protected from coastal sea breeze. Arrive before sunset The light from town is hidden at Lake Thetis.  Mobile coverage: Good  Sky Quality Meter Reading: 21.72 magnitude per arc second 2 recorded at 3:30 am on 18/01/19.  Kangaroo Point –   Approx. 6 km south on Indian Ocean Drive. Keep your eyes open for Kangaroos, it was named after them for a reason. View the wildflowers on the 2 km unsealed road (suitable for normal cars) to the Point, Car park and Beach. BBQ, Picnic areas and Toilets are provided for your use  Hangover Bay –      Inside Nambung NP Approx. 10 km south on Indian Ocean Drive. This beautiful bay is a must see for all visitors. Wildflowers are also on display and maybe even some of the local fauna. Clear blue water, great for swimming, snorkeling for fishing too.  Sometimes you can even catch a wave off the breakers.. (Wheelchair Friendly)  Pinnacles Desert Entrance –  Approx. 11 km south from Cervantes on Indian Ocean Drive, turn left and drive 6 km on Pinnacles Road  $15 entry per vehicle... Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre is open daily 9.30   am – 4.30 pm, Yes, you will discover what is in many of the national parks in our area. Public Toilets  (Wheelchair Friendly) Pinnacles Loop open Daily . You can then drive or walk around a 4 km unsealed loop which does not close and is open all year round (suitable for normal sized cars) or park your car and walk  (approx. 1 hour). n. The Pinnacles were mistaken for the ruins of an ancient city by Dutch sailors off the coast in 1700. The desert covers an area of approx. 400  hectares and contains eonian-limestone standing up to 3 m high. Under moon and starlight is an iconic destination to bring your cameras to capture amazing astrophotography images. There’s no artificial light pollution however the sensitive lens of cameras will pick up the glow of Perth city to the south.