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112414lCervantes is a small fishing community of around 500 people. Also in the hart of the Western Rock Lobster fishing and processing industry. It is a popular holiday destination for Perth residents located only 200km north of Perth.

Cervantes fishing spots are focused around beach fishing and the main jetty located off Catalonia Street. During winter beach fishing can be difficult due to the amount of seaweed washed up on the beaches. The jetty can still be fished all year round and produces Tailor, Silver Trevally, Tarwhine and Whiting. The occasional Mulloway also turns up year round at the Jetty. Squid also turn up under the lights of the jetty at night.

Cervantes beach fishing spots offer Tailor, Whiting and Silver Trevally year round. Some big mulloway have also been caught from the beaches of Cervantes. Metal slugs are a fantastic lure choice for Tailor. Also late afternoon with a slight sea breeze attracts the Tailor closer to shore, where they use the choppy waters as a camouflage to hunt bait fish.

Mulloway are hit and miss around Cervantes. The best time to target them is early morning, late afternoon and into the night. Mulloway will take shallow running hard body lures, soft plastics and mullet.

Hangover Bay

Partially protected from southerly winds, Hangover bay is a good place to fish at night for the chance at a Mulloway. Whiting, Herring and Taylor are all caught at Hangover bay. Access is via a dirt road however four-wheel drive is not necessary.

Hansen Bay

A great uncrowded fishing spot, take Hansen Bay road past Lake Thetis to the Southern end of Hansen bay. Larger waves often hit the northern end of Hansen bay and the southern can be dominated by sea grass making it hard to fish. Beach launching a boat is also possible from Hansen Bay. The bay is protected from Southerly winds. 

Cerventes Back Beach

Cerventes Jetty

Best fished at dawn and dusk, Cervantes Jetty can produce Yellowtail King Fish, Mulloway, Herring, Tailor and Whiting. Squid at night around the lights.

Black Point

A four wheel drive is necessary and if driving along the beach remember to check the tides as this spot is best accessed via the beach on low tide. However there are other four wheel drive tracks through the bush and sand dunes. Black Peak north of Cerventes produces some good fishing and has been known to produce Pink Snapper, Whiting, Herring, Tailor and Mulloway. If the small creek is open to the ocean, then this is the perfect time to fish around the opening for Mulloway, Tailor and Herring.

Offshore Cervantes Fishing

Due FishOffshore Cervantes fishing spots can be a little difficult to access as conditions must be good. Beach launching is possible however there is less protection in the bays compared to other nearby locations. Offshore anglers can expect good fishing for Dhufish, Pink Snapper and Samson Fish. Bottom jigging soft plastics if a great way to hook these fish, however a sounder is necessary to find structure worthy of jigging.