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Walk Trails

1197180203Bush and beach walk-trail connects the lookouts between Thirsty Point and Hansen Bay. Especially interesting during the wildflower season, this walk can be extended along the Hansen Bay Road to take in the Stromatalites at Lake Thetis then returning to town via Cervantes Road.

Another most popular walk is along the beach from the jetties to the north of the caravan park to Thirsty Point, returning via Seville St to either the commercial centre or your accommodation.
For those wishing to just stroll around town, there is a network of walkways joining most of the residential cells with the commercial centre and caravan park.
During wildflower season, a stroll around our golf course will delight the visitor with a wide array of diverse flora and occasionally Emu and Kangaroo.
This walk showcases an abundance of wildflowers in Spring along with interesting land formations and spectacular views to the Indian Ocean from the top of Mount Lesueur. A mecca for wildflower enthusiasts with over 820 species, including plants not found anywhere else in the world.
Enjoy an easy 1.5km loop walk around Lake Thetis and gain an insight into what life was like at the dawn of time.

Like the famous Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool, in Shark Bay, these rock-like structures on the edge of Lake Thetis are built by micro-organisms too small for the human eye to see. Within the structures are living communities of diverse inhabitants with population densities of 3000 per square metre!

The Thrombolite-building micro-organisms of Lake Thetis resemble the earliest forms of life on Earth. The discovery of modern examples helped scientists to understand the significance of micro-organisms in the environment and unravel the long history of life on Earth. Today living examples of these once completely dominant organisms are restricted to only a few places.


734789371One of the unique attractions of the Turquoise coast is it’s abundance of pristine beaches protected by close in offshore reefs. This combination provides a safe environment for aqua sports, fishing, and recreation.The best views of the system can be gained from a number of lookouts provided to give the visitor a panoramic vista of this unique environment.

Hanson Bay Road approx 2km down   Spectacular view of Ocean Islands and the coloured sands of the Pinnacles Area